Thousands of Spartanburg County residents have completed a concealed weapons permit course. David Blanton is a Certified Firearms Instructor offering CWP courses in the classroom and gun range qualifying so local residents defend themselves pursuant to rule and law.

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Top Gun Shooting is owned and operated by David Blanton. David is a local concealed weapons permit instructor located in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. David Blanton is a Certified Firearms Instructor, authorized by State of South Carolina to offer a concealed weapons permit course pursuant to law. David has successfully instructed thousands of local upstate residents in South Carolina to achieve their concealed weapons permit.

The CWP course is a two-part process. First, students learn CWP rules and laws in a convenient classroom setting. In the second part of the course you will demonstrate gun range skills. At the conclusion of a CWP course attendees receive a finger-print card and CWP application. Upon approval a CWP will be issued to you.

Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Concealed Weapons Permit Course

A concealed weapons permit (CWP) is issued by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). The CWP course requires students to demonstrate knowledge of concealed weapons permit laws which govern carrying, storing, and discharge of weapons. The concealed weapons permit law requires you to prove proficiency when firing a weapon. Top Gun Shooting is pleased to assist you achieve your goal to obtain a South Carolina concealed weapons permit.

Top Gun Shooting schedules several concealed weapons permit courses each month. Please visit the COURSES page to select the CWP course you desire and avoid delay. In the event you represent a large group, fraternity, church association, or club then in that case Top Gun Shooting will offer you a separate schedule for your numerous members. Let’s get started!

Concealed Weapons Permit Course

South Carolina CWP Course & UTAH CWP Course

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David Blanton
Certified Firearms Instructor

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David Blanton
Certified Firearms Instructor

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David Blanton
Certified Firearms Instructor

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Students Sharing CWP Course Experiences

I highly recommend David’s CWP course! His instruction and real life scenarios during the course are excellent! You won’t find any other CWP course of the same quality…
David Blanton’s class is very informing using modern day scenarios and David’s relaxed and enjoyable nature on this serious subject is comforting to those attendees who are inexperienced.
Ryan, Technical Support Analyst
Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to David Blanton and Top Gun Shooting. Knowledgeable, experienced, and highly effective in conveying the “A-Z’s” of being a CWP holder. He is a pro at training and educating men and women on the fundamentals needed and laws pertaining to exercising your 2nd Amendment right. THANK YOU David!
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David Blanton, Certified Firearms Instructor

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